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Wadham / Lenglet / Duplant - Everydayisagoodday

(confront collectors series ccs 74)

Rachael Wadham : piano

Philippe Lenglet : acoustic guitar & cithar

Bruno Duplant : contrabass

Recorded, few years ago, in « La salle de jeux », Waziers, France

Mixed and mastered by Bruno Duplant

'Every day is a good day' is a quote from John Cage, which I think is fitting, as the playing of this excellent trio takes it's place within the rich and ever-widening horizon of post-Cageian music. The instruments are not means for creating melodies, but are sites for experimentation,  sources of potential sounds that are drawn out and then left to be themselves rather than becoming part of a melodic chain.

Cage's words perhaps suggest a state of pre-lapsarian contentment, but for me the music comes from somewhere quite different. Yes there are moments of relaxation and flashes of beauty, but the general spirit is one of quiet restlessness, a persistent process of enquiry and experimentation which belies any sense of complacency and self-satisfaction. This is serious music - fun and enjoyable too - but seriously good. (Simon Reynell)   


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