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(confront core series / core 13)


Digital version available HERE

    1. Frame I     (14.35)

    2. Frame II    (4.58)

    3. Frame III   (6.02)

    4. Frame IV   (6.20)

    5. Frame V    (3.35)

    6. Frame VI   (14.17)



Tony Oxley : electronics & concept

Stefan Hölker : acoustic percussion

Recorded in Viersen, Germany on 25th November 2019

Recorded, mixed and edited by Karsten Lehl

Cover graphics generated from the painting Beaming by Tony Oxley

Photography and technical assistance by Ruth Jentkes and Tutta Oxley


Cover design by Matthew Brandi


Produced by Mark Wastell


℗ Confront Recordings 2020

"Further on from a few phone conversations last week (graciously enabled in the first instance by the ever generous Alan Skidmore) and the swift dispatch from Germany of the demo disc, I'm very excited to announce that Tony Oxley, one of the great forefathers of European Improvised Music, will be releasing a disc on Confront Recordings. I've played the demo about fifteen times in the last three days and it's absolutely incredible. Tony is 81 years old and as evidenced here, is still making exceptionally vital music. Anyone who appreciates the sound of his electro-acoustic works from the seventies and eighties will not be disappointed!"

(Mark Wastell, 13th December 2019)

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