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(confront collectors series ccs 01)



Burkhard Beins : percussion
Rhodri Davies : harp
Mark Wastell : double bass

Recorded by Graham Halliwell at The Old School, Bracon Ash, Norfolk 2004

Originally rejected by the record company it was commissioned by, hence the title, Unwanted Object was released on Confront in 2005. It eventually headed up many end of year polls and critics choices lists including a place in The Wire's Top 50 Records of 2005.

"The peculiar mixture between [these] tense, low-whisper nods and the sense of primal telepathy that these men transmit is the very strength of the CD; during almost 40 minutes, the thin link between "subliminal" and "sublime" makes itself visible in several unbelievable sections, where the instruments morph beautifully: percussion breathes hard, the harp is feedback-wrapped, the bass puts a scarf around its own power to stare seriously amidst the throbbing sound waves. The skeleton born from all these processes is hard-boned and with a mind of his own, already" (massimo ricci, touching extremes)

"Impulses seem crucial to the trio's ideas in their limited environment, and their music materializes so freely. The air is filled with deceptively organized patterns and it becomes a nagging wonder that these performances weren't preconceived at all. It is a brilliant work." (Alan Jones, Bagatellen)

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