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Le Bruit De La Musique
(confront collectors series ccs 70)


1. Berthold Lubetkin (37.19)

Simon H. Fell : double bass

Recorded in the church of Toulx-Sainte-Croix, France during the Festival Le Bruit De La Musique on 21st August 2015 by Lê Quan Ninh.

Composed by Simon H. Fell

It's always gratifying and exciting to be invited to perform at a Festival,especially if it is a local one organised by friends. Jo & I moved to rural France 12 years ago, and one immediate effect of leaving London behind was that I went from playing improvised gigs at least once or twice a week to a much less intensive rate of performance. In fact there are relatively few chances to perform improvised music in La France profonde, but Le Bruit de la Musique is one of two performing opportunities in our département. Run by a friendly team spearheaded by neighbours and fellow-musicians Lê Quan Ninh and Martine Altenburger, the Festival brings improvised and contemporary composed music to a range of venues in the north of La Creuse, and I was particularly pleased to be asked to play in the marvellous church of
Toulx-Sainte-Croix, with its wonderful acoustics and rich purply-blue starred cupola. Playing so near home for friends and fellow enthusiasts (especially on a warm and sunny summer afternoon) felt inspiring, and I do hope that you can hear this in the recording ...

(Simon H. Fell)


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