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(confront collectors series ccs 61)

Tisha Mukarji, piano (center)
Johan Arrias, alto saxophone & clarinet (left)
Axel Dörner, trumpet (center)
Kai Fagaschinski, clarinet (right)

1. Vapour (42’54)

All sounds by Tisha Mukarji, Johan Arrias, Axel Dörner and Kai Fagaschinski.
Recorded by Axel Dörner on April 6th, 2014 live at ausland, Berlin.
Mixed by Anders Dahl in Skårve, Sweden.
Thanks to Anders, Christina and ausland.



Schall und Rausch - Four Lofty Points


Schall und Rausch was formed by accident, a considered accident with some intentions. Johan Arrias was in Berlin the summer of 2014 and we took that opportunity to work together and thought about possible combinations. Axel was free and Kai was also open to the idea to play a house concert together. It was warm, free, and immediately there was a sense that the music was asking questions and answering them in equal measure. There was a sense of joy that appears when possibilities reveal themselves through music. Later, three of us met together, Axel, Johan, and myself to work together on more ideas, this time concretely, around a composition by Johan. One year later we organised a concert and formulated a proposition, of our four individual points and as Kai noted afterwards, magic happened - appearing in our concert at Ausland. And voilà the hazardous space was delineated.


P.S.-Schall und Rausch is a variation on the German phrase "schall und rauch", which means literally "sound and smoke", and describes the intangibleness.  “Schall und rausch" would literally mean "sound and intoxication (in the sense of being high)”. (TISHA MUKARJI)

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