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Phil Durrant & Martin Vishnick - Rifinitori di Momenti

(confront collectors series ccs 95)


Phil Durrant - mandolin

Martin Vishnick - classical guitar

The pairing of mandolin and guitar is a tradition in many musical fields but virtually unknown in the world of free improvisation, lending a certain uniqueness to this creative collaboration of established musicians. Durrant and Vishnick met at the April 2017 Skronk event and it immediately became apparent that they shared a common interest in exploring extended techniques influenced in part by electronic music. Since then, the duo have steadily developed their distinctive group sound by meeting regularly to play and perform at various venues in the UK including Mopomoso, Flim Flam, Horse Improvised Music Club, Safehouse, SkronkFest2018. 


The album was recorded in March 2018 and features short pieces which explore small phrases and even isolated sounds where each player’s brief gestures allow space for immediate comment by the other. This results in a music where all elements (texture, movement, pitch) become united in one group gesture.

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