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(confront collectors series ccs 71)


1. Lunar bloom

2. To bath in the dreams of fireflies

Patrick Shiroishi : alto saxophone, bells, electric toothbrush, ipod, pie tin, spoons, tape player & voice

Recorded live at 2575 Mission, Los Angeles, California on 01/05/2016.

Mixed by Patrick Shiroishi.

Mastered by Felix Salazar.

I recorded everything live in one take.  The record is named "ima" which in Japanese translates to "now" or "in the moment" and is for my significant other Ami.  We have unfortunately have had to do a long-distance thing which was/is more intense than I imagined it would be.  I am away from her for a majority of each month and in those moments it can take a toll on me.  These pieces are meant to capture that emotion, the sense of yearning, the pain of not being able to see someone you want to easily.  I took two Indian pieces that she used to listen to as a child to sleep, put them in reverse and slowed them down (the second piece is slowed down drastically).  I also took a song that was a childhood favorite of my mother's when she was living in Japan and triggered that as well in the second piece.  Although my mother does live here now and has been for a while, I feel like you can still miss a place or your home the same way as you can miss a person.  (Patrick Shiroishi)


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