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Oceans of Silver & Blood (2013)

(confront collectors series ccs 19)


Joachim Nordwall : roland s100 modular synth
Mark Wastell : 32" paiste tam tam

Recorded by Jonathan McHugh at Goldsmiths College, London 10 December 2007

The debut self titled album from Oceans of Silver and Blood was originally issued in an edition of 100 cds on Joachim's Ideal label and launched in conjunction with their concert at Lampo, Chicago 07 june 2008. More or less selling out at the concert, it was subsequently released on white vinyl album by Norsordo from Sweden. Norsordo folded operations soon after release and although still available via some sellers on Discogs, the album was never promoted properly and no reviews were ever published. This Confront issue will hopefully help rectify that situation and bring the recording to a wider audience.


"A duo formed by Mark Wastell and Joachim Nordwall, Oceans Of Silver And Blood recorded this three-quarter hour improvisation live at Goldsmiths College, London, with Nordwall manning a Roland S1000 Modular Synthesizer and Wastell taking his place behind his 32" Tam Tam. As ever, Wastell manages to coax tones that go beyond the usual realm of percussive instrumentation, merging his rich, metallic sonorities with the alimentary snarl of Nordwall's synths. The end result is a highly musical, and brilliantly realised drone exercise, managing to sound vastly more physical and potent than so much contemporary work in this field. Highly recommended." (BOOMKAT)

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