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Kyle Motl / Zach Rowden - Gristle   

(confront collectors series ccs 97)


Kyle Motl : contrabass (right side)

Zach Rowden : contrabass (left side)


Recorded June 14 in Hartford, CT, USA
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Matt Baltrucki

"Gristle, by the American double bassists Kyle Motl and Zach Rowden, is grounded in the concrete reality of the raw sounds issuing from acoustic instruments. Both Motl and Rowden have long demonstrated a facility for coaxing new and startling sounds from their instruments through the application of foreign objects and unconventional techniques; put together here, the effect is exponential rather than simply additive. Not surprisingly, Gristle documents a vortex of sound in an idiolect far removed from the double bass’s ordinary voice, as Motl and Rowden forcibly extract overtones from plucked and bowed tones, exposing them as the sometimes knotty complexes that they secretly are. Although purely acoustic, Gristle does what Schaeffer declared that musique concrète would do: nothing less than bring to awareness the appearance and development of sound forms and colors." (

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