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(confront collectors series ccs 64)


Jeph Jerman : tapes, objects, harmolin

Tim Barnes : tapes, objects, sampler


First 100 copies comes with a limited edition artwork insert by Rachael Elwell.


Across a dozen years, the duo of Jerman and Barnes has offered powerful, minimal music rooted in a shared dedication to the creative act of listening. Jerman is a veteran of the creative music scenes in Denver and Seattle, and in more recent years has been thoroughly investigating the sonic possibilities of the desert Southwest where he lives and works. Tim Barnes’s resume as a percussionist, engineer, and curator is studded with all-star collaborators including Tony Conrad, Sonic Youth, Ken Vandermark, Royal Trux, and Tower Recordings. With two acclaimed releases under their belt, Matterings (erstwhile) and Versatile Ambience (idea intermedia), Jeph and Tim feel that they are in the most productive period in the duo’s history. Goethe is a live performance from their 2015 visit to Non-Event in Boston, MA. Special Thank you to Susanna Bolle, Ernst Karel, and Chris Kincaid.

Recorded live at Goethe Institute, Boston, MA on Matterings Tour 2015.

Recorded by Ernst Karel.

Mastered by Chris Kincaid.

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