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(confront collectors series ccs 68)


Tom Jackson : clarinet, bass clarinet
Ashley John Long : double bass, prepared double bass
Benedict Taylor : viola
Keith Tippett : piano, woodblocks, pebbles, maraca, music box


Recorded at Fieldgate Studio, Cardiff by Andrew Lawson

Mixing and Mastering by Matthew Davison

With thanks to Canterbury Christ Church University

Chamber improvisation of the highest order.

Tom Jackson and Keith Tippett met at Tippett’s educational sessions on free improvisation in 2001. When Ashley-John Long joined those classes in 2004 he and Tom immediately formed a duo and began performing together in 2009. After moving to London later that year Tom and Benedict Taylor began playing together regularly and together they organise CRAM records and CRAM festival. The formation of this quartet thus serves to unite several histories. Keith Tippett has been at the forefront of European jazz and improvised music for half a century and his distinctive piano sound has graced hundreds of recordings.

Very much a quartet of four equal parts - there is no inherent hierarchy - just beautiful music crafted out of the air by four masterful musicians.

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