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(confront collectors series ccs 40)



Mid-April 2001, Derek Bailey was invited to present a Company event at Tonic, the then home of adventurous music in New York. Besides himself, Derek took with him four other performers from the UK - tap dancer Will Gaines and the acoustic string trio IST, comprising of Rhodri Davies, Simon H. Fell and Mark Wastell. These five were joined for three nights of Company music by New York musicians Joey Baron, John Zorn, Jennifer Choi, Annie Gosfield and Min Xiao-Fen. The three nights of Company proper were preceded by an evening of music showcasing the music of the British based contingent. Bailey performed a fascinating duet with Gaines, followed by a lengthy set from IST. 

The music IST performed that evening is presented on this disc in its entirety. Bruce Gallanter, tireless proprietor of famed New York record store Downtown Music Gallery, was in the front row, taping direct onto his handheld recorder. He also recorded each and every night of the Company event, during which IST were paired with John Zorn, for a once only meeting, late in the evening of the second night. 

"IST played one of the most intense and balanced sets they've delivered in their four-year existence. The players pushed beyond decency into assaults on their instruments, causing the attentive observer to wince. Mark Wastell digs into his cello body with the end of his bow and leaves a white scar: his playing sears the memory likewise. Rhodri Davies' harp is Bailey's guitar writ large, the sound world of Pierre Boulez shot through with the funk and low-humour repartee of the improviser. The simultaneous crisis and hilarity of Simon Fell's two-bow assault on his instrument is audio-science and Dada in one." (Concert review extract from Derek Bailey And The Story Of Free Improvisation by Ben Watson / Verso Books)

The members of IST lovingly and respectfully dedicate this music to Derek Bailey (1930-2005). 

IST also extend warm thanks and appreciation to John Zorn for graciously permitting us to include his contribution.

Rhodri Davis : harp
Simon H. Fell : double bass
Mark Wastell : violoncello
John Zorn : alto saxophone (track 6)

Recorded live in concert at Tonic, Norfolk Street, New York City on 17 & 19 April 2001 by Bruce Gallanter.

Edited, mixed and mastered by SHF.




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