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(confront collectors series ccs 39)


Ko Ishikawa : sho
Tetuzi Akiyama : acoustic guitar
Hideo Ikegami : contrabass

Recorded by Hideo Ikegami at Kissa Sakaiki, Tokyo on 31 July 2014
Sound Treatment by Taku Unami

Kissa Sakaiki is a café in Tokyo which supports the activities of musicians, dancers or other artists. I have played there many times, presenting a number of performances with musicians and dancers frequently. I have been collaborating with Tetuzi Akiyama as a duo for some time and one day had the idea to further our development by introducing another musician to form a new trio. Ko Ishikawa, a sho player was the first candidate in my mind. Fortunately, Ko agreed to play with us and I arranged a concert at Kissa Sakaiki. Tetuzi and Ko have played together several times previously but that was the first time to play together for Ko and myself. As I had hoped, the gig was successful and fortunately I recorded it. This release on Confront presents the complete document of all the music we played together that evening.
(Hideo Ikegami)




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