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(confront collectors series ccs 04)


Graham Halliwell : feedback saxophone

Collaborations with : Rhodri Davies : ebow harp 
                                          Steve Roden : resonantlighttones 

                                          Mark Wastell : tam-tam


Saxophonist Halliwell appears here in three duo performances with Rhodri Davies (playing E-bowed harp), Steve Roden (extracts from his “resonantlighttones”) and Mark Wastell (tam-tam). Halliwell, as has been his practice in recent years, works entirely with saxophonic feedback generation, an approach he discovered independently from other purveyors of this technique, notably John Butcher. Two of the pieces are constructions based on previously recorded material (supplied by Davies and Roden) while the piece with Wastell is an improvisation.


“Recorded Delivery” is a beautifully conceived disc, deeply contemplative, and one of the finest new releases I’ve heard this year. Check it out."

(Just Outside, Brian Olewnick)

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