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(confront collectors series ccs 85)


Giacomo Salis : percussion, objects

Paolo Sanna : percussion, objects

Recorded by Tom Riethauser in February 2017 at Giacomo's studio, San Sperate, Italy.

Mixed and mastered by simon Balestrazzi at Neurohabitat, Cagliari, Itlay.

This album is dedicated to Steve Reid.

The music of Giacomo and Paolo Sanna is devoted to sound experimentation. It examines sound, silence, noise and employs extended tecniques and prepared set. Free improvisation allows the duo to fathom the different possibilities offered by drums and percussions.

The ultimate result of this approach is a general sense of balance.

The percussion tradition of the free-American and the post free-European school, classical contemporary music and popular music from around the world are the foundations of the duos sound research. 

After several concerts and studio albums (including the collaboration with sound artist Jeph Jerman, released last year on Confront recordings), “Humyth” focuses and summarizes their research based on gesture, movement, listening, investigation of natural materials and found objects. 

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