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Confront Recordings Digital : Full albums available for download at the OTOROKU Web Shop via our friends at Cafe OTO.

Available as a 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC download.  Price per DL is  £6 (cheaper if you are a Cafe OTO member).

Our amazing Stateside distributor SQUIDCO has taken the time to upload sound samples of all the Confront releases they carry. You can listen here.

Jason Kahn & Phil Julian


The Seen : Archive

Volume V

The Seen : Archive

Volume II

Jonathan McHugh & Mark Wastell


Burkhard Beins / John Butcher / Mark Wastell



Keith Rowe & Mark Wastell

Live at I-and-E

The Seen : Archive

Volume IV

The Seen : Archive

Volume I

David Sylvian

Playing The Schoolhouse

John Butcher & Michael Duch


Akiyama / Nakamura / Sugimoto / Wastell


The Sealed Knot 

Unwanted Object 

The Seen : Archive

Volume III

Jason Kahn

For Voice

Christian Wolfarth & Jason Kahn

Percussion / Voice

Jöelle Léandre & Michael Duch

(Live at) Gråmølna 

Jeff Jerman & Tim Barnes


Jeff Jerman & Tim Barnes


Derek Bailey & Simon H. Fell

The Complete 15th August 2001

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