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(confront collectors series ccs 65)


Bertrand Denzler : tenor saxophone

Antonin Gerbal : percussion

Axel Dörner : trumpet

Recorded by Pierre-Olivier Boulant at Theatre Le Ring, Toulouse, France during Festival Noise No.5, 12th December 2015.

Special thanks to Bernard Astié and Pierre-Olivier Boulant.

This group is the result of crossed relationships. Denzler and Dörner know each other for 15 years, Denzler and Gerbal work together in several projects, Dörner and Gerbal are both members of Peeping Tom. As a trio, they played their first concert in Berlin in March 2015 and the music was immediately obvious. The sound of the group is a malleable space in which the musicians generate small or bigger shapes, simple and complex sounds, irregular and mechanical rhythms.

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