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Axel Dörner / Jason Kahn - Im Berner Münster 

(confront collectors series ccs 91)

Axel Dörner : trumpet

Jason Kahn : voice

Recorded October 20, 2017 by Fabio Oerhli / Tonlabor in the Bern Minster during the Zoom In festival in Bern, Switzerland.

Co-producer: Cubus Records

Im Berner Münster was recorded in concert on October 20, 2017 at the Zoom In Festival in Bern, Switzerland. The festival took place in the Berner Münster cathedral. Constructed from 1421 until its completion in 1893, the Berner Münster is the tallest cathedral in Switzerland. With an interior height of roughly twenty-one meters, the cathedral poses a challenging performance situation, with its myriad of refective spaces and complex acoustical character.

As in all concert situations, the performance space enables and inspires the musicians to push their work in new directions. In this, their frst-ever collaboration together, playing unamplifed Dörner and Kahn fnd their way over the course of the performance into the cathedral’s unique sonic possibilities. This CD documents a musical dialogue as much focused on each performer’s voice as the space’s imposing character, heavy with the weight of history and a wealth of extraordinary sonic potential. 

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