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(confront collectors series ccs 26)



Angharad Davies : solo acoustic violin and preperations


track 1: circular bowing study

track 2: balancing spring study 1

              balancing spring study 2

              balancing spring study 3

track 3: tremolo and plastic peg study

track 4: pizz, nail file and fingers study


Recorded and mastered by Sebastian Lexer at Goldsmiths University, 25th March 2012


"The material for this solo CD was recorded primarily as a document of the preparations and techniques I was exploring at the end of March 2012 and as a reference point, for myself, to a time when I had actively stopped teaching for 3 months in order to clear space for my own projects. I hear the " six studies " as small sketches and not necessarily as finished pieces. The preparations or techniques lead the music and I am looking to see how much I can draw out of each one before moving onto the next. The violin is acoustic, the preparations used are a small plastic peg, spring and nail file and the silences are kept alive as they were in the actual recording so as to reveal as much of the process as possible". (Angharad Davies, February 2014)


Angharad Davies is a violinist whose work is situated in the complex intersection of improvised and composed music. She is dedicated to exploring and expanding sound production on the violin, and has developed a specific approach to the violin, which extends the sound possibilities of the instrument by attaching and applying objects to the strings or by sounding unexpected parts of the instrument's body. Angharad is an active performer in contemporary, improvisation and experimental music both as a soloist, within ensembles such as Apartment House and Common Objects, and in smaller improvised groups with musicians such as Axel Dörner, Lina Lapelyte, Dominic Lash, Tisha Mukarji and Taku Unami. Her sensitivity to the sonic possibilities of musical situations and attentiveness to their shape and direction make her one of contemporary music's most fascinating figures.

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