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(ccs 01)


(confront core series / core 05)


Factory pressed CD in printed double panel Ekopack cardboard sleeve.

I      (02.59)

II     (08.58)

III    (02.14)

IV    (07.22)

V     (06.06)

VI    (06.19)

VII   (07.42)

VIII  (04.18)

IX    (03.26)


All compositions by Arild Andersen, Clive Bell and Mark Wastell

VI features Mira composed by Arild Andersen


Arild Andersen : double bass / electronics

Clive Bell : khene (thai mouth organ) / shakuhachi / pi saw (thai flute) / shinobue

Mark Wastell : percussion / shruti box


Recorded at Hackney Road Studios, London on September 25th 2017

Recording engineered by Shuta Shinoda  

Edited, mixed and mastered by Mark Wastell and Rupert Clervaux at Studio 3, London

Produced by Mark Wastell


Arild Andersen appears courtesy of ECM Records



This genre defying trio release their debut offering, Tales Of Hackney. Quick to capture the energy and undeniable empathy of their celebrated live performances at Cafe OTO on 24 September 2017, the troika reconvened the following day for an intense 10-hour east London studio session. The beguiling, often meditative results see Andersen deploy his usual sensitivity of touch and evocative tone, as he works in empathetic tandem with Wastell's refined percussive textures and Bell's Asian woodwind armoury. (Jazzwise)

ECM artist Arild Anderson wraps his double bass to Clive Bell’s intoxicating Asian woodwind, punctuated by Mark Wastell’s sparing percussion in their ‘Tales Of Hackney’ improvisation for Confront’s Core Series. The resulting 50 minute work, in 9 parts, was extracted from a 10 hour recording session in the titular East London district, late summer 2017. It was edited, mixed and mastered by Rupert Clervaux  with Mark Wastell, who also handled production. From the original session, they divine a series of hard-to-define scenarios as enchanting and heady as a dusky stroll thru Hackney, reflecting a synaesthetic conflux of phosphorescent light and drifting smells, flowing like its mosaic of multi-purpose dwellings riddled and teeming with life, occasionally implying a noirish, even voyeuristic stealth in its more haunted, furtive moments, while others connote a spangled wooziness, and yet more absorb and speak to an idea of London as a humid melting pot, inarguably linked to the Far East as much as downtown NYC, but solipsistically revolving its own dream. (Boomkat)

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